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17 March 2022

It's great and interesting to spend time with the whole family - these are not fictional stories from foreign films. There is everything you need for this near the SK Royal Moscow Hotel.

17 March 2022

To visit Tula and not try the gingerbread is a crime. And try to make such a masterpiece with your own hands. Children will be delighted!

16 March 2022

A fun and interesting vacation with the whole family without long journeys.

12 February 2022

On February 12, the annual SNOWTAG III self-made sledge descent took place, in which 20 teams from 4 cities took part

24 November 2021

The finishing touches are left, and the guest house will open its cozy doors to the first guests!

18 October 2021

Kaluga residents have once again chosen the Kvan Ski Complex as the brand of the year based on the results of an independent assessment within the framework of a regional competition

16 April 2021

SK Royal Hotel Tula 5* стал победителем в премии YOUR WEDDING AWARDS В номинации ЛУЧШИЙ ОТЕЛЬ ДЛЯ СВАДЬБЫ

1 March 2021

How we built the biggest snowman in Russia

28 October 2020

Kaluga is preparing to celebrate the New year!

26 September 2020

On September 26, 2020, the Tula Kremlin will celebrate its 500th anniversary

29 June 2020

Since July 29, SK ROYAL TULA 5* opens its doors to tourists again!

17 March 2020

SPA&Fitness Center SK Royal Kaluga 4* is closed from March 18 to April 18!

13 September 2019

SK Royal Hotel Tula selebrait own birghtday - 5 years!

26 June 2019

23 июня в рамках соревнований Федерации триатлона Калужской области в "Квани" официально открыли тропу здоровья!

19 June 2019

18 June 2019

3 августа в Туле отмечают День пряника!

10 January 2019

Курорт "Квань" - шанс встать на горные лыжи без перелета, гор и евро.

10 January 2019

Горнолыжный комплекс "Квань" вошел в топ-10 идей для посещения Калужской области по версии NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Россия.