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SNOWBAG III took place in the ski complex "Kwan"

On February 12, the third annual SNOWTAG III sledge race took place at the Kvan Ski Complex in Kaluga.


20 teams from 4 cities gathered on the slope: Kaluga, Tula, Ludinovo and Meshchovsk. They descended from a 180-meter descent on homemade structures.  The participants of the race showed imagination and overcame the descent on various structures. This year there was a 19th century fire truck, a house, a Viking boat, a tray of tomatoes, a batmobile, a rocket, a steam locomotive and much more on the slope.

During the event, an independent jury selected 3 winners. Among the champions: BENTELER Vikings - the undisputed leaders of this race, real Vikings, just heroes - moved sideways, but to the end, second place – "Our summer without borders", presented the company "Agroinvest", they brought their products and treated everyone to the best vegetables from their own greenhouses, third place - "Team 01", our favorite employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kaluga. The audience had the opportunity to express their opinion by voting for the team they liked, as a result, the audience award was given to the bright and very native for each of us team "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Well, the most charismatic team of ORGAZM RHINOCEROS was not left without a special prize from the organizers of the contest GC "Kwan", who simply conquered everyone with their courage and creative approach. All the winners received special prizes from the ski complex "Kwan" and sponsors of the event. After the performance of all the teams, fans and spectators took part in an entertainment program, interactivity and competitions. 

Audience comment: "This is just a space event. It's great that Kwan does this every year."

Every year the event gathers a large number of participants and spectators. Over the three years of the event, more than 50 teams and 2,000 spectators took part in it.

As always, we are waiting for a repeat!