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Address: 127495, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe h-y., 163A, bl. 2
Department reception: +7 (495) 988-54-85
Reservations Department: +7 (495) 988-54-85, e-mail: reservation.msc@sk-royal.ru
Sales Department: +7 (495) 988-54-84, e-mail: sales.msc@sk-royal.ru

How can I get to:

There are 2 options how you can reach the hotel by public transport:

Option 1. After arriving at the metro station “Medvedkovo” you need to get out of the north metro exit and go the bus stop with a red arrow signage. Buses are marked with “RIO” sign instead of route number. Travel cost - 35 RUB. Travel time - 25-30 minutes. Frequency - 5-15 minutes

Option 2. You can also get to the metro station “Altufyevo”, exit from the first metro car, turn left and then go to the bus stop that is located next to the supermarket “Perekrestok”. There are two types of buses running from the bus stop to the hotel:

1) Under the red arrow sign there are buses marked with “RIO” sign instead of route number. Travel cost - 35 RUB. Travel time - 15 minutes. Frequency - 5-15 minutes.

2) Under the green arrow sign there are free buses marked with “RIO” sign and branded with SK ROYAL logo. Travel cost – free of charge. Travel time - 15 minutes. Frequency - 5-15 minutes.


Address: 248033, Kaluga, Trampoline St, 1V
Department reception: +7 (4842) 76-76-36
Reservation Department: +7 (4842) 76-76-36, e-mail: reservation.klg@sk-royal.ru
Sales Department: e-mail: sales.klg@sk-royal.ru

How can I get to:

Its course can be reached from the railway station:

Option 1. Train station, public transport stop to the right of the main entrance, the bus number 1 to stop cinema Central, change to route No. 44 (he goes to SK Royal Kaluga), №25, №26, №29 (stop General’s Popov St., Right Bank, from stop to walk for 15 minutes). The cost of public transport is 16 rubles.

Option 2. Train station, across the road from public transport ("freight yard"), the cabstand. Phone numbers of local taxi: +7 (4842) 787-787, +7 (4842) 40-40-40, +7 (4842) 57-75-57. The average cost from railway station to SK Royal Kaluga – 200rub.

SK Royal Kaluga is located in 190 km. from the zero kilometer of Moscow South-West (Kiev highway). The average time of driving from Moscow ring road is 2.5 -3 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions. The complex is located on the right Bank of the Oka river in 10 minutes ' drive from Kaluga city centre.

On the way to ski resort is the ice Palace "Space". A 10-minute drive from shopping mall XXI century", 15-minutes from the shopping mall "RIO", where there is a grocery store, food, pharmacy, clothing stores, souvenir shops and cinemas. The path to the railway and bus station will be 40-45 minutes, 50-60 minutes to the international airport "Kaluga".


Address: Tula, Soviet St, 29
Front reception: +7 (4872) 255-551
E-mail: info.tula@sk-royal.ru
Booking of rooms: reservation.tula@sk-royal.ru
Organization of events, banquets and weddings: sales.tula@sk-royal.ru

SK ROYAL Yaroslavl

Address: 150014, Yaroslavl, kotoroslnaya Naberezhnaya, 55
Reception: +7 (4852) 67-29-29
Department reception: +7 (4852) 67-29-30
Reservation Department: +7 (4852) 67-29-21, reservation.yar@sk-royal.ru
Sales Department: +7 (4852) 67-29-01, sales.yar@sk-royal.ru
Restaurant Manager: +7 (4852) 67-29-03
Manager SPA: +7 (4852) 67-29-09

How can I get to: