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The largest snowman in Russia was made in ski resort " Kwan"

A record-breaking snowman was built on the ski complex "Kwan". Its height is about 20 meters, weight-1000 tons.
Before that, the snowman built in the Tver region in 2019 was considered the largest in Russia: its height was about 12 meters.
The uniqueness of the Kaluga sculpture, in addition to its size, is also that it is frameless: no additional structures were used during its construction.
The snowman, who was named Kwanya, was built with the help of snow cannons from artificial snow, as the natural snow is too loose for construction. In the process, we spent more than 2000 cubic meters of snow material.
The giant was decorated with half-meter eyes, a two-meter carrot and a 60-meter scarf. Since Kwanya is located on a popular ski resort in Kaluga and near the village of Kwan of the same name, and behind it is a tubing park where everyone rides on tubing, the snowman rides sitting down from the slide.
Heavy snowfalls and sudden temperature changes complicated the construction process, so it was necessary to work day and night to reach the planned height.

The idea to build the tallest snowman in Russia came to us 5 years ago. Then we built a snowman, which we thought was huge. It was 6.5 meters high, almost the height of a two-story house. We called it Vanechka it was fine. But then we found out that a 12-meter snowman was built nearby, in the neighboring Tver region. And so this year we decided to build the largest snow figure in Russia, and here it stands, our Kwania!

The height of the figure is 20 meters. The length of the snow figure is almost 60 meters, its width is almost 30 meters. About 2000 cubic meters of snow were spent on it, which is about 1000 tons of snow, a huge weight.

Our snowman is unique in that it is made exclusively of snow, there are no frames, no beams, nothing that would hold it. It is held only by the force of the snow; it is not made of snow, it has only those elements that any snowman is not made of snow — a nose, eyes, buttons and, of course, a scarf that we made from ski nets. The length of the scarf is 60 meters.

Since our Kwanya is located near the village of Kwan on the ski complex and behind it is a tubing park, where everyone goes tubing, then our Kwanya goes sitting down the hill!

The weather helped us on the one hand, because a good frost lasted for a long time, we needed it for snowmaking; on the other hand, it hindered us a lot, because the weather swings (on Tuesday it was -19, on Wednesday it was +5), the weather swings forced us to quickly rebuild. Very heavy heavy snowfall ( * * * ), but we did not need this natural snow, because it is very soft, very loose, it is impossible to build such a large and massive sculpture from it. Therefore, we built exclusively from artificial snow, we poured it with cannons, cleared the natural snow, and we got a Kwanya!

We molded it for about two weeks, molded it, built it. The most terrible and difficult time came when we were cutting out a head in a solid ice mass. This was done manually with shovels. It was on the one hand difficult, on the other hand scary, because I had to work at a 20-meter height, and this is actually the height of a 6-storey building. Imagine: on a 6-storey building to clear several trucks of frozen snow. But the guys with the fun Quan'ev temperament approached this with enthusiasm and in three days formed a head.

Construction was carried out day and night, for two weeks. We poured snow day and night, formed a Storm and made it the largest snow figure in Russia. 20 meters high is a record!

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