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What to do on vacation in Moscow?

Moscow is a huge metropolis in which there is a place for everyone to taste. But how can the whole family spend time, and not even spend half a day moving?

 The SK Royal Moscow Hotel is located within walking distance from a large shopping and entertainment center "RIO", which has everything you might need for a family holiday:
- multi-brand shopping
- entertainment areas for children of all ages. Playgrounds and mini-cars for the youngest, drift-karting and computer games with augmented reality for those who are no longer a kid
- cinema for fans of crunching popcorn
- an aquarium where you will meet funny penguins and Kamchatka crabs, inhabitants of coral reefs, representatives of the Amazon River basin - piranhas, which are located in a separate aquarium.
The fascinating world of large marine predators is represented by the largest sharks and other species.
 All three tunnels are made of transparent acrylic, which gives an amazing opportunity to be in the underwater kingdom and observe the life of the inhabitants of aquariums from the inside, allowing everyone to get an unforgettable experience previously available only to divers.

 Let the rest be interesting for everyone!

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Address: Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 163A